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February 21, 2011

Baseball season is almost upon us.

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One of the things you will learn as you go through this journey with me, is that I am a diehard Royals fan. (and Chiefs fan for that matter) I attend a few Royals games each year and like to take my camera along with me. So, as we get closer and closer to Opening Day, let me share with you a few pics from the past few years. Hopefully the pics from this year will show improvement.

Kauffman is really known for two major things, outside of the Royals (and their horrible record). The crown scoreboard, and the fountains.

Recently, Kauffman had an extreme makeover. This is what Kauffman’s old Crown scoreboard and video board looked like:


You can see the fountains underneath and to the right of the scoreboard.

Here’s what that looks like today:

Ooo Shiney

At one point, that was the largest HD Scoreboard in the world. Surpassed, by some team in Japan, then by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. Please note: ours is not in play.

And then we have the fountains:

Usually on Friday home games we get fireworks after the games. I am still working on my fireworks shooting skills


February 20, 2011

Welcome to the new For the Pie or FTP

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In the past, this blog was about my journey through World of Warcraft. And, while that journey continues, I wanted to share, with whomever might still stop by, a new journey in my life. I fairly recently started taking pictures, well, I started taking pictures seriously. For those of you who visited here in the past, the header of this blog was a picture I took back in 2007 with an old Canon Point and Shoot camera at the KC Air Show of the Blue Angels. It was a nice picture.

Here it is for those that missed it:
Old Blue Angels

Not bad…not great either.

I upgraded to a Nikon D40, which was the entry level DSLR and in September of 2010 went to the Air Show in St. Joseph, MO and got some Pictures of the Blue Angels again:
Wingtip to Wingtip

Smile for the Camera please

Six of the best

Since then, I’ve taken a class, and learned so much more about my camera and so much more about how to take better pictures. My next camera arrives tomorrow. And I am already saving for my next one.

I hope you’ll come back and join me as I hope to show you better and better pictures.

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